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Selecting a college major is one of the most important steps involved in beginning the process of searching for a new career in India. Students can acquire the knowledge necessary to construct a solid foundation for their future endeavours as they go through their educational careers.  The decision to pursue a degree at a college

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Anger And Stress Management

This module enables you to understand: Evolution of Brain Chief influencer for managing stress and anger Social Learning Our visual, auditory and kinesthetic tunning from our childhood Inner organization Effective techniques for handling emotions Accepting the situation Divert yourself Visaulization Power of affiramtions Empathy Build higher values in life and recall them Stop rumination/ Live

Linkedin to make your brand and connect

Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to know how to use LinkedIn to build their personal network, generate opportunities and improve their personal brand How to Optimize your ProfileTips and Tricks for Accelerating the Growth of Your NetworkHow to Hide Your ConnectionsHow to See Who’s Been Viewing Your ProfileHow to Evaluate a Linkedin

Time Management and Productivity Hacks

This Module enables you to understand •Organizing Your Day •80:20 Rule or Pareto Principle of Time Management •Dealing with Common Time Wasters •Interruptions •Shifting Priorities •Too Much Information •Travel Procrastination:•Causes•Ways to Overcome Procrastination Delegation:•Why Delegate?  •The Delegation Process•Delegation for Time Management•Delegation for Succession Planning • Work-life balance: • Balancing your life wheel • Ways to manage

Social Media Marketing

Course Description Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque porta augue tortor. Id placerat libero viverra sit amet. Nulla laoreet mattis orci ut rhoncus. Nullam imperdiet eget lectus ut vehicula. Phasellus lobortis turpis ac est venenatis sodales. Pellentesque auctor vulputate accumsan. Key concepts covered include: Developing Strategy Monitoring Digital Advertising Basic Investment Social