3 digital marketing breakthroughs you should try

A lot of the advancements that have made our lives easier have been made possible by technology. The quality of life that individuals previously knew has improved because of it, especially of those who are in the marketing industry.  In the marketing scene, it has been much easier to reach audiences and catch their attention.

GroomX: Basic digital marketing tips

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand types of marketing today which doesn’t come as a surprise considering how we’re currently living in the digital age. Nowadays, it would be weird if a company doesn’t have an established online presence as it’s where most people spend time and that’s where we come in. Here

GroomX: Effective ways to manage anger

Anger is a negative and overwhelming emotion that takes over your mind and body. It can be destructive to your surroundings and hurtful to the people around you. Unfortunately, not a lot of people can control their anger. Instead, they end up lashing out at others and ruining relationships.  If this happens to be a

How to market your business

Your company’s continued expansion is directly tied to the satisfaction of its clientele. It is only by spreading the word about your business can you bring in new customers.  Many years ago, advertising a product or a service can be pretty challenging since the technology back then was limited, however, the digital world of today

Unravel the different types of marketing

Marketing is one of the best ways to expand your reach and make new connections. Usually, this is done by business to ensure that whatever product or service they are offering are known to various consumers. There are different types of marketing which cater to diverse audiences in India, check them all out here in

Discover the importance of marketing

The purpose of marketing in a corporation is essential to the success of the firm in terms of both creating a profit and selling goods and services. Discovering and meeting the needs and wants of customers, as well as giving them access to the right goods and services, are all important aspects of marketing that

Discover the top college courses in the world

Selecting a college major is one of the most important steps involved in beginning the process of searching for a new career in India. Students can acquire the knowledge necessary to construct a solid foundation for their future endeavours as they go through their educational careers.  The decision to pursue a degree at a college

Unleash your full potential

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Anger And Stress Management

This module enables you to understand: Evolution of Brain Chief influencer for managing stress and anger Social Learning Our visual, auditory and kinesthetic tunning from our childhood Inner organization Effective techniques for handling emotions Accepting the situation Divert yourself Visaulization Power of affiramtions Empathy Build higher values in life and recall them Stop rumination/ Live